Is Direct Primary Care (DPC) for YOU?

  • Are you frustrated spending your days rushing from exam room to room and your nights/weekends catching  up on documentation?
  • Are you spending more time at work than with the family you’re working so hard to create memorable experiences for?
  • Do you feel like a hypocrite encouraging patients to adopt health lifestyles while you’re sleep deprived, physically inactive or eating quick comfort food?
  • Do you find yourself wanting to spend more time empowering your patient but you know you’re already an hour behind with several more to see?
  • Do you feel like you’re checking boxes working for the insurance company instead of advocating for your patient?
  • Did you think you would never open your own clinic but now you’re working so hard for someone else, you might as well consider working for yourself?
  • Are you tired and not practicing medicine in line with the passion and values that took you to medical school in the first place?

I was too.